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Why Now is The Time to Promote Your Business

Why Now is the Time to Promote Your Business-DFS

Increasing, or even continuing, your marketing during a time of inflation and economic uncertainty may feel like going against standard operating norms or even against your instincts. But promoting your business is actually keeping your business top of mind with customers and prospects. 

When companies are scrutinizing their budgets, exerting extra caution with their spending, marketing almost always gets cut first. Yet, in reality, cutting your marketing budget is the last thing you want to do. Instead of helping your business recover, substantially lowering your marketing budget is actually reducing your ability to drive business forward.

During this same time, many of your competitors are reducing their marketing presence, leaving the door wide open for your business to fill in the gaps. Organizations that are in the best position to not only survive but thrive after an economic downturn are the same companies that are strategic in reallocating their marketing budgets. Think about what your marketing campaigns might look like and what elements, such as web pages, emails, and print materials, you need to support them. It’s important for business leaders to look ahead at the future of their businesses. That’s why right now is the perfect time to invest in promoting your business.

How can you promote your business right now?

Postcards, banners, business cards, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, content marketing, workshops, directory listings, and email marketing are all successful ways that you can promote your business right now. 

Promoting Your Business Now Makes Smart Business Sense

If you’ve been tempted to cut your marketing budget, don’t. Cutting your marketing budget not only makes it harder to bounce back after a downturn, but your marketing strategy strengthens your relationship with your customers and keeps you on course to meet your goals. In fact, the only thing you might want to change is how you are promoting your business. Cut through the noise and make an impact with your marketing by mixing both print and digital marketing efforts. 

Promote Your Business Online

There is a significant opportunity to boost online and in-person awareness, traffic, and sales through digital marketing

Search Engine Optimization: Create a website, choosing relevant keywords that answer your prospects’ questions and provide them with solutions to their problems. 

Content Marketing: Write high-quality articles that use keywords to keep your customers up to date with any industry news, share behind-the-scenes information, talk about your mission, or interview employees.

Social Media: Quickly and easily interact with followers and answer customer questions. Create awareness about your business, attract new customers, and increase website traffic.

Directory Listings: Showing up accurately in directory listings places you higher in search engines, puts you above your competitors, and builds credibility for your company. These directories are free and allow local searchers to find businesses near them.

Online Workshops and Webinars: Online events, workshops, and webinars are an effective way to collect contact information for those who attend so you can market to them in the future.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is a high-impact and low-cost way for you to keep your products and services top of mind with customers and prospects, as well as build brand credibility and loyalty.

Promote Your Business With Print Marketing

Customers trust print marketing, and the tactile experience of holding something physical is incredibly effective at grabbing a customer’s attention and connecting them to your brand in a way that makes it more memorable. 

Use Color: No matter whether it’s on a brochure or business form, customers respond to colorful media. Businesses can use specific colors to develop a strong and clear brand, highlight messages in their print media, and garner sales.

Direct Mail: With the ability to reach almost anyone, direct mail is a tangible way for customers to learn about your business, and the physical document provides a long shelf life. Consider using direct mail to send discounts or giveaways directly to customers.

Banners and Posters: These are one of the most noticeable types of promotion. Posters and banners are ideal for advertising an event, giveaway, or special promotion.

Custom Stationery and Envelopes: First impressions matter, and an envelope will always be the first thing a customer sees in your print marketing. Professional office essentials provide your business with a unified appearance that builds your brand. 

Business cards: A high-quality, branded business card can help you make a good impression on potential customers and clients.

Creating a marketing plan to promote your business will allow you to keep building your business and driving sales. At DFS, we know how hard you work, and we want to help you succeed. Our PERKS program, exclusive for DFS dealers, offers incredible business-building perks for busy dealers, where you can save on printed marketing materials for your business. 

Grow your business with easy, stress-free access to DFS’ trusted, professional printing network. We take the burden out of outsourced printing services, helping you expand your print business and drive long-term business success. Contact us today to be matched with a DFS business advisor.

Key Takeaways

  • Print businesses that are in the best position to thrive after a downturn are the same companies that didn’t cut their marketing budgets.
  • Promoting your business during a recession keeps your business top of mind with customers and prospects, allowing you to keep building your brand and driving sales.
  • Cut through the noise and promote your business by mixing both print and digital marketing efforts. 
  • DFS offers incredible business-building perks for busy dealers, where you can save on printed marketing materials to promote your business. 

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