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Three Top Print Demand Markets For 2022

Three Top Print Demand Markets For 2022-DFS

Printing markets are changing, and to stay competitive, print businesses and print resellers must change along with them. To keep revenues and consumer satisfaction high, print businesses will need to evolve to meet emerging print market trends. Driven by growth in packaging, healthcare, and real estate, the global printing market is projected to reach $821 billion USD in 2022. Resellers can add new print products and services easily and cost-effectively by outsourcing with a wholesale print provider.

One of the easiest ways to add a wider variety of printed materials and be seen as a solutions provider is by partnering with an outsourcing company. By partnering with DFS, you will have access to an extensive breadth of products and services, as well as print industry expertise. You can depend on DFS to help you expand your business and deliver better service to your customers.

What is printing on the go? 

Innovations in printing technology make it possible for customers to print from anywhere, even on the go. Printing on the go typically involves either email or cloud-based solutions for sending out print jobs. Using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet device, customers may access an online ordering portal where they can choose, design, and order printed items. Print businesses will receive the digital files to add to their workflow, with print-ready files going into production. When the print job is ready, customers can pick them up in person. 

Top Print Demand Markets for 2022

#1 Packaging

Influenced by increased demand for packaged goods and further accelerated by the retail e-commerce industry, the packaging print market is poised to be a top print demand for 2022. Consumers want packaging that is convenient and portable. In addition, smaller household sizes have led to a more specific trend among print packaging, a desire for goods packaged in smaller portion sizes. 

Packaging is essential for protecting the product that is inside, but when done right, printed packaging becomes part of the identity of the product, enhancing its viability and attracting buyers. Labels and tags are also included as part of the packaging market as they contribute to the overall product experience. 

Print businesses and resellers can profit from this print market by partnering with DFS to offer custom packaging. Packaging, including custom-branded bags and boxes, can help set retail businesses apart from competitors and attract new customers. DFS offers custom-branded retail packaging supplies in many colors and sizes.

#2 Healthcare

As the pandemic wanes and healthcare reverts to more elective procedures, outpatient activity, and non-emergency admissions, healthcare providers including hospitals, nursing homes, and private practices will need new print marketing materials. This demand for new waiting room posters, outdoor advertising, and booklets will push healthcare to become one of the top print demand markets for 2022. 

Print marketing has repeatedly been shown to be one of the most effective ways of reaching customers in the healthcare industry. Printed marketing materials can capture the target audience’s attention, build credibility and awareness, and develop an emotional connection with prospective customers. When you partner with DFS, your company will benefit from industry experts who can expand your healthcare offerings with a wide variety of eye-popping, full-color products, including posters, banners, and postcards. 

#3 Residential Real Estate

With home buying rising, real estate is expected to be another top print demand market for 2022. The booming residential real estate market will create demand from homebuilders and real estate professionals for a wide variety of print materials, including signage, sell sheets, and business essential products like checks and forms. Real estate promotion through open houses and direct mail will also increase demand for promotional products and direct mail postcards. 

DFS can help you meet real estate business needs with solutions that fit various requirements and budgets. Whether they need forms that efficiently capture essential information or popular promotional products imprinted with their company name, DFS can help you provide the products real estate businesses need to attract and keep customers.

Outsourcing is a decisive way for print businesses and resellers to stay ahead of market trends, offering products and services atypical of your regular offerings. There are no upfront costs when you partner with DFS, allowing you to expand your print business without taking resources away from other important tasks. Contact us today to be matched with a DFS business advisor and start saying yes to more print jobs.

Key Takeaways

  • Packaging, healthcare, and real estate are poised to be top print demand markets for 2022. 
  • Print businesses need to evolve to meet emerging print market trends to keep revenues and consumer satisfaction high.
  • Print businesses and resellers can easily add new products that target the top print markets through outsourcing.

Depend on DFS to help you expand your business and deliver better service to your customers.

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