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A Guide to Becoming a Product Reseller

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Product resellers play a vital role, serving as a link between the manufacturer and the consumer. Resellers add value in terms of the customer experience, helping to identify customer needs, educating customers on how to use the product, and providing customer support. However, you don’t need to be an expert to be a product reseller.

Your DFS advisor has all the resources you need to make your reseller business more profitable and efficient, from high-level advice such as what to put in a pitch deck to a potential client, to providing expertise on print finishes for a specific project.

Product resellers have a tremendous opportunity as they are not required to hold inventory, have easy opportunities for product expansion, receive marketing support, and can often see fast business growth. DFS has supplied thousands of resellers with advice and solutions to manage and grow their businesses.

How do I become a reseller?
To start a reselling business you will need to choose what you’ll sell, determine where you’ll source your items, and select how and where you will sell your items. To become a DFS Dealer you’ll need to complete a short application which will be promptly reviewed, and then DFS will call you and introduce you to our award-winning customer service team.

Reselling Offers Opportunities For Fast Expansion

The nature, and flexibility, of reselling can make it easy to expand your business quickly. The success of your reselling business depends on what products you offer, and how those offerings will help them to solve problems or needs they are facing. By adding a wider variety of products, you can increase your chances of staying top of mind with customers. However, researching and sourcing products can all take time for resellers when they are trying to grow their business.

One of the easiest ways to grow your reselling business is by partnering with an outsourcing company. Diversification can provide a steady stream of income, and DFS advisors can provide the knowledge needed to expand into new product lines. In addition, there are no upfront costs when you partner with DFS. Your customers will get business cards, checks, forms, and other custom printing materials all exactly how they want them, with solutions designed to fit all business needs, formats, and budgets. By partnering with DFS, you can easily provide more options for your customer and you may be able to quickly scale your business.

Resellers Enjoy Professionally Produced Marketing Tools Designed To Help You Sell

Promoting your print business, and helping your clients, go hand in hand. Resellers can use a variety of sales materials to promote your business and help you close deals. DFS offers dealers attractive printed sales support materials, such as product sell sheets, product digests, brochures, and more. These sales materials can be ordered blank or personalized with your contact information, so customers can easily order from you. DFS can also help you with sales kits, these feature product information and samples, plus sales tips to help you move more product.

A personalized storefront is another simple way to boost sales. Not only is a storefront often the first part of your brand that customers interact with, but it is an opportunity to showcase your capabilities, as well as build trust and credibility with clients. With DFS you can be up and running and ready to sell online in minutes. DFS also offers additional digital marketing tools for dealers, such as free ready-to-go banner ads, email templates, videos, and sales tools.

Let DFS Provide the Industry Expertise You Need

Talk to your experienced sales representative. Their product knowledge can help you find just the right solution to a customer’s need. Partnering with DFS allows you to benefit from industry experts who can help you find ways to make your business more profitable and efficient.

As a DFS Dealer, you can look forward to a proven reseller program and valuable advantages that will help you thrive. Dealer benefits:

  • High-demand business products
  • Low, wholesale pricing and generous margins
  • Fast 3-6 day delivery on most orders
  • Professionally produced digital and print marketing tools
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

DFS advisors help to solve problems, offer advice, and provide professionally produced digital and print marketing tools to help you sell.

Let DFS help you drive long-term business success. Contact us today to be matched with a DFS business advisor.

Key Takeaways

  • Product resellers have tremendous opportunities for fast expansion, marketing support, and expert guidance.
  • The nature, and flexibility, of reselling can make it easy to expand your business quickly.
  • Resellers can use a variety of sales materials to promote your business and help you close deals.
  • Your DFS advisor has all the resources you need to make your reseller business more profitable and efficient

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