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Printing and Sustainability: Keeping Consumer Concerns in Mind

Printing and Sustainability: Keeping Consumer Concerns in Mind | DFS

A long time coming – the print industry has recognized the importance of sustainability in recent years, striving to make processes and products more environmentally friendly. As the population continues to grow and resources become scarcer, businesses are realizing the need to conserve the planet for future generations. So what does that mean for printing and sustainability? 

Do consumers care about sustainability?

Several studies demonstrate that customers support businesses and brands that care about sustainability by voting with their cash. In fact, 56% of growth comes from products making sustainability claims.

What the Printing Industry Is Doing Now

According to the United Nations, sustaining our current lifestyles when the population reaches 9.7 billion by 2050 may require as many as three planets’ worth of resources. This alarming statistic has driven the development of sustainable development goals, including efforts within the print industry. Sustainability has to be more than just a buzzword, it is a driving force for change.

When it comes to the printing business, sustainability encompasses various aspects, including:

  • The materials and equipment used for printing
  • The printing process itself
  • Waste management

Many businesses have taken steps to embrace sustainable practices. 

The Importance of Sustainability

Becoming more sustainable is not only an ethical responsibility but also a smart business decision. Companies worldwide have started to recognize the benefits of adopting sustainable practices. In many places, tax credits and financial incentives are available for businesses that prioritize sustainability. How about a bonus? Did you know that improving efficiency and productivity often goes hand in hand with sustainable practices?

Consumers are increasingly drawn to environmentally conscious brands. A survey found that 66% of respondents consider sustainability when making purchasing decisions, with even higher numbers among the millennial demographic. By prioritizing sustainability, businesses in the print industry can cater to customer preferences and gain a competitive edge.

Notable Sustainable Printing Practices

The print industry has seen remarkable innovations in sustainable printing practices. Here are a few notable examples:

1. UV Printing

UV printers, such as the DuSense, stand out for their use of UV curing, an innovative drying method. This technique employs UV light to dry ink in seconds, significantly reducing turnaround times and using approximately 20% less ink compared to traditional printers. UV printers also consume less energy and emit fewer CO2 emissions due to their instant-on and off functionality.

2. Digital Printing

Digital printing eliminates the need for printing plates, making it a more sustainable alternative to offset printing. With digital printing, digital-based images are directly printed onto various media substrates like canvas, fabric, cardstock, and paper. Digital printing presses produce fewer CO2 emissions and generate less waste compared to traditional printing presses. Many digital printers are carbon-neutral, effectively offsetting the carbon produced during the printing process.

3. Carbon Balanced Printing

Carbon balancing involves quantifying and comparing carbon emissions produced in the printing process. Carbon-balanced printers and papers have been developed to offset the CO2 emissions generated during paper and printer production and delivery. By opting for carbon-balanced printing, businesses can reduce their environmental impact and contribute to sustainability efforts.

Engaging Customers in Sustainability

Consumers look to businesses to deliver more than just excellent goods and services. Their desire is for them to become accountable members of the society. And taking care of the environment locally and worldwide is part of that.

Your ability to engage customers in sustainability initiatives can help your business stand out and establish loyal relationships with the people who do business with your company. Protect the environment and create a long-lasting route to development and profit by engaging with your consumers about sustainability.

Why should I encourage customers to be more sustainable?

Passionately engaging with customers about eco-friendly practices can provide businesses with significant additional advantages.

  1. Multiply your impact by working together and accomplish more.
  2. Increase awareness and support by involving consumers to help them be more conscious of their role in protecting the environment and supportive of the actions your company is taking.
  3. Attract customers and boost sales by increasing loyalty with environmentally conscious consumers.
  4. Boost employee morale and pride. Employees tend to identify with and actively support employers who take a leadership role in their communities. Environmentally friendly work practices help build and sustain your corporate culture.
  5. Improving the environment by taking care of it today, especially to help future generations, is a reward in itself – for you, your company, employees, and customers.

Engage your customers in sustainability

With a little effort, you can encourage customers toward more sustainable practices. By keeping your customers involved in these and other initiatives, you can establish long-term relationships with them. Employee involvement in energy-saving measures also has significant potential to improve company culture internally.

  1. Let your small business lead by example.
  2. Share information and resources about sustainability.
  3. Promote your sustainability efforts through social media.
  4. Donate to a charitable cause.
  5. Participate in local sustainability events and initiatives.
  6. Allow your customers to get involved.

Key Takeaways:

We Care

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, the print industry must adapt to meet consumer concerns regarding sustainability. By embracing sustainable printing practices, businesses can not only contribute to a healthier planet but also gain a competitive advantage. 

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