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Diversify Your Print Business to Stay Resilient

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Business resilience is more than just a contingency plan to mitigate risk or recovery after an unexpected disruption; resilience represents an opportunity for a company to change course, advance, and grow its business. 

Companies that depend too much on one type of product expose themselves to the risk of losing customers to the competition as customers’ needs change. Selling more to existing customers is more cost effective than finding new customers, which is why diversifying your business by expanding the number of products customers purchase or innovating new products is a great way to increase revenue and generate profit. 

The stress-free way to diversify your business is with access to DFS’ trusted, professional printing network. With custom printing for all business needs, DFS takes the worry and inefficiency out of outsourced printing services so you can be more productive and expand your business with a wide variety of products your customers need to manage and promote their business. 

What is a resilient business? 

Resilient businesses aren’t just reactive; they are proactive, continuously seeking out new opportunities. An essential attribute in our uncertain and unpredictable environment, resilience can be used as motivation for a company to pivot, innovate, and thrive. Business resilience is also the ability an organization has to quickly adapt to unexpected disruptions or sudden changes in their operating environment while still providing continuous business operations for customers. 

Building Business Resilience Through Diversification

The most resilient businesses recognize that product diversification can help them adapt, reinvent themselves, offset future changes, maintain a competitive advantage, and ultimately grow their business. Driven by growth in packaging and labels, the global printing industry is predicted to be valued at $821 billion by 2022. There is an opportunity to diversify and expand your business by adding new products that will help your customers grab attention and win business with a wide variety of eye-popping, full-color print materials. 

Diversification for your print business begins with understanding the business objectives of your customer and then identifying what additional products you could offer that would help them achieve their goals. Once you’ve determined those needs, you’ll be able to pinpoint new applications for existing products as well as spot new products they could use to increase their market share and expand their business. 

Retail customers may benefit from an assortment of custom-branded packaging supplies, while others need checks and custom forms that boost business efficiency. From posters and banners to booklets and forms, DFS offers a huge selection of products at wholesale pricing so you can expand your business, be more productive, and gain more market share. 

Of course, product diversification has benefits beyond the potential to increase profits. With more variety and options for products, diversification helps businesses minimize risks posed by an industry or economic downturn or a strong competitor. Diversification can even boost your brand image, helping your company stay top of mind due to a broader range of products. 

Diversify Successfully With a Trusted Partner 

There’s no better way to make sure your business can weather economic fluctuations, customer’s changing needs or industry changes than having a diverse product offering. Yet, expanding your product offering can also be challenging as companies struggle to focus on new products, services, and applications, while still delivering the core products their customers have come to expect. That’s where outsourcing with a trusted partner may be a solution. The right partner can help you  expand your product offering with little or no investment of time or money so you can improve efficiency while driving sales and revenue. 

Finding a trusted partner that can help you outsource jobs atypical to your normal offerings is a worry-free way to provide more options for your customer and see more growth for your business, without spreading your resources too thin. DFS takes the burden out of outsourcing and improves productivity by helping you spend less time sourcing vendors so you can spend more time innovating, marketing, and expanding your business. 

With DFS, we have all the expert printing resources you need, providing start-to-finish assistance so you can easily diversify your print business, providing customers with affordable, business essential and full color products to fit their specific needs.

At DFS, we know that business resilience is about more than a few irregular adjustments in response to a disruption; true resilience is about being proactive through innovation and diversification. With an ever-growing portfolio of the latest products at wholesale prices, combined with expert support and top-notch service, you’ll find everything you need to succeed at DFS. Contact us today to be matched with a DFS business advisor and start saying yes to more customers. 


Key Takeaways

  • Business resilience represents an opportunity for a company to grow its business. 
  • There’s no better way than diversification to create resilience for your business.
  • Diversification can expand your business by adding new products that will help your customers increase their market share and expand their business.
  • DFS has all the expert printing resources you need to successfully diversify your print business.

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