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Are Your Holiday Greetings Ready? Prepare for the Shopping Rush

Holiday Greeting Snowflakes | Are Your Holiday Greetings Ready? Prepare for the Shopping Rush | DFS

The holiday season is here! Holiday greeting cards are an excellent way for you to build and develop more personal relationships with your customers or anyone else who has supported your company throughout the year. However, while holiday greeting cards can help businesses show their appreciation and build personal connections, companies must plan carefully to make the most significant impact.

Before you can deck the halls, ensure your gesture of gratitude and appreciation works for you and not against it. The United Parcel Service has already announced that it will hire more than 100,000 holiday workers to deal with a surge in packages, keeping in line with 2021. Your message, timing, and delivery all impact how your holiday wishes are received. A DFS business advisor can help you make the most of the holiday season by selecting holiday greetings that help leave a lasting impression throughout the season.

Should you send holiday greetings to your employees and customers?
Holiday greeting cards build stronger relationships and create customer loyalty. An easy, affordable, and effective way to reach out to your customer base, holiday cards can help get more eyes on your business and reactivate past customers. DFS offers a variety of holiday messages to reach a wide range of customer preferences.

Amidst Rising Inflation, Greeting Cards Are Poised to Leave a Greater Impact

Rising inflation is already impacting the 2022 holiday season. A recent survey indicates that 40% of consumers will change the way they shop due to inflation. Beyond that, half of all holiday shoppers will have started their shopping before Halloween. Many shoppers will be looking to employ money-saving tactics, including buying fewer items. With fewer people buying gifts, businesses can make a substantial impact by sending holiday greetings that show their appreciation with a thoughtful messages.

Companies that have experience with direct mail marketing likely already know that content and design impact how the message is received. Holiday cards are no different. With the ability to make customers feel special and keep your business top of mind, business holiday cards are a budget-friendly marketing tactic. DFS offers holiday cards in different choices of paper stocks and includes free personalization, free standard verse, free company logo inside the card, and free foil-lined or unlined envelopes.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute: Plan Ahead to Avoid the Holiday Rush

Even before you pull out your holiday decorations you’ll already want a plan for your greeting cards. Sending holiday greeting cards late can cause your business to look unprofessional. Avoid procrastinating and purchase holiday greeting cards ahead of time. Depending on the number of cards you need, it may take time to prepare your order. Plus, you’ll need time to personalize your cards with a note for the best results.

For companies sending out dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of cards, you want to avoid making mistakes. When sending business holiday cards make sure you:
Show professionalism – Use proper titles, make sure names are spelled appropriately, and ensure that there are no duplicate entries. Double-check addresses so you don’t inadvertently leave someone out because you had the wrong information. We recommend finalizing this while your custom order is underway.
Send greeting cards to offices – It’s usually better to send corporate cards to a business address rather than a home address. We want the card to get into the hands of the right people!
Don’t forget support staff -While you may do business with one individual, if there are any assistants, receptionists, or other staff members you interact with regularly, send them a card too. This small token of appreciation can go a long way the next time you engage those stakeholders.

Always pay attention to the fact that although Christmas is the most popularly celebrated holiday at this time of year, you don’t always know what holidays your customers celebrate. It’s usually best to stick with a general Happy Holidays card as a fallback. We expect you’ll find a creative message to show your personality along with it! DFS offers a variety of holiday cards with sentiments like Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, and more. Once your cards are ready to go, don’t delay sending them out. It’s ideal to send your business holiday cards either right after Thanksgiving or in early December.

Everyone loves to receive a handwritten holiday card in the mail. At DFS we know that sending an annual greeting card is an excellent opportunity for you to build and develop more personal relationships with your customers, thanking them for their support, standing out against the competition, and getting your name out to more people. DFS has all the holiday cards, gifts, and calendars your business needs.

Learn 5 Benefits of Sending Business Holiday Cards

Key Takeaways

  • Holiday greeting cards build stronger relationships and create customer loyalty.
  • With fewer people buying gifts, businesses have an opportunity to make an even greater impact by sending holiday greetings in the form of corporate holiday cards.
  • Your message, timing, and delivery all have an impact on how your holiday greetings are received.
  • DFS offers a variety of holiday cards with a wide array of sentiments like Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, and more.

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