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3 Ways Full-Color Print Marketing Can Get Results for Your Clients

3 Ways Full-Color Print Marketing Can Get Results for Your Clients | DFS

Effective and striking, full-color print marketing materials play a pivotal role in consumer purchasing decisions and are crucial in making a good impression. The best print marketing pieces, also known as marketing collateral, help businesses raise brand recognition and remind current or potential customers to use their products or services. Print marketing materials are tangible pieces that consumers can interact with, like business cards, posters, banners, booklets, and postcards.

Incorporating color in your marketing materials can help your clients differentiate their brand from the competition. Different colors, or hues, portray other characteristics, and specific colors attract different types of buyers. When you partner with an outsourcing company like DFS, your company will benefit from industry experts who can expand your offerings with a wide variety of full-color print marketing products. DFS can help with design through fulfillment, providing start-to-finish assistance.

What are the benefits of full-color print marketing?

Using a powerful array of colors can make all the difference in marketing materials. Full-color print marketing is more eye-catching, garnering more attention for a business, creating a better first impression, improving branding, increasing brand recall, and ultimately driving sales.

1. Make a Good First Impression

First impressions are everything, which makes the quality of your client’s printed marketing materials matter. Often, these materials are the first impression customers have of a business, and businesses want it to be a good one. Marketing materials can communicate a lot about a business, and having business cards, brochures, and other well-designed and professional materials helps to portray that the business is established, successful, and secure.

Small and durable business cards, in particular, are often used to introduce a company and serve as a first impression. Along with displaying a company’s logo, tagline, and contact information, companies need a great business card that is personalized and showcases that organization’s unique style. Easy to store and reference, these cards are ideal for handing out at conferences and trade shows.

Color often speaks louder than words in marketing, with colors driving first impressions. Using full-color print marketing can grab the readers’ attention, make marketing materials more engaging, and conveys a sense of professionalism.

2. Create Brand Recognition

An invaluable part of branding, color is a critical element in brand identity and recognition. Colors create brands that are easily recognizable by consumers, helping businesses create a unique identity while also standing apart from the competition. Sometimes a color combination is so closely associated with the brand that it markets itself.

Branded stationery, including customized letterhead, envelopes, invoices, and labels, are full-color print marketing materials that promote your client’s brand or product in every written communication and help their overall marketing efforts. With a full-color logo and business details, business stationery projects a professional image that drives brand recognition.

Promotional items are another type of full-color marketing that can create brand recognition, particularly something like wall calendars. Promotional calendars equate to nearly an entire year of consumer interaction with a company’s brand, whether at home or in the office.

Color has the power to increase the recognition of a brand and its familiarity, and consistent use of those colors in marketing materials can link specific characteristics to a company. Full-color marketing can exude brand attributes and make a business memorable.

3. Emphasize Specific Information

Colors have the power to amplify your marketing message, evoke specific feelings, and bring your brand to life. Printing full-color marketing materials can increase readers’ attention spans and message recall, making it ideal for promoting special offers, advertising discounts, or emphasizing any other important information. Since color marketing materials are better at capturing and retaining audience attention, they can drive sales and ultimately help to increase a company’s revenue.

Various colors have different characteristics and associations that you can take advantage of in your marketing materials, and they can be used to attract different types of consumers. For example, while red is associated with being exciting, youthful, and daring, blue is considered calm, strong, and dependable, and black conveys strength, elegance, and power. Knowing who your buyer is will determine which colors will work best for you.

Color is one of the most powerful marketing tools for enticing and engaging customers. Businesses can use full-color marketing to reach a broader audience and convey a more impactful message. With our easy-to-use and trusted network of printing solutions, DFS can help you offer your clients a wider variety of full-color print marketing materials to help them stay top of mind with customers and grow their businesses. Contact us today to be matched with a DFS business advisor.

Key Takeaways

  • Full-color print marketing materials play a pivotal role in consumer purchasing decisions.
  • Full-color print marketing is eye-catching, makes a better first impression, and increases brand recognition.
  • Incorporating color into marketing materials can help differentiate a business from the competition.
  • DFS provides a wide variety of full-color print marketing to help your clients reach a broader audience and convey a more impactful message.

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