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3 Event Support Assets For Better Event Marketing

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The right event support assets help companies market their in-person, online, or hybrid events for greater results. The key to a successful event is clear and cohesive messaging and communication. Effective and striking, event support materials play a pivotal role in generating excitement for an event as well as keeping a company top of mind after the event is over.  

At DFS we know that using event support assets such as full color print marketing materials and promotional products can help companies more effectively engage customers. By partnering with DFS, you can offer your customers a wider variety of different types of event support materials and be seen as a solutions provider. 

How do I source event support for my business?

The process of identifying, vetting, and selecting vendors to procure needed marketing materials can be tedious. The stress-free way to source vendors for marketing materials is to find a trusted partner like DFS. Your one-stop source for proven product solutions, with DFS you get access to an ever-growing portfolio of the latest products at wholesale prices, combined with expert support and top-notch service.

#1: Full Color Print Marketing Materials 

Businesses can reach a broader audience and convey a more impactful message with full-color printing. When companies use full-color print marketing materials in their event marketing, it’s easier for them to stand apart in a competitive, crowded marketplace. These tangible marketing materials can attract attention, reinforce their brand, communicate a feeling, and make an impression that will drive a response.

The most popular full-color printed event support materials include postcards, flyers, banners, business cards, and stickers. 

Postcards – Direct mail postcards are a strategic and affordable way for businesses to promote their event to customers and prospects in a specific area.

Flyers – Professionally printed full-color flyers catch the eye much more easily than black and white flyers. Businesses can effectively use them to spread the word about an event.

Banners – The size of banners makes them ideal for advertising an upcoming event in a big and bold fashion that stands out from the crowd.

Business Cards – Often used for networking, impactful full-color business cards can also be used as a save the date for events.  

Stickers – Customized labels can help call a customer’s attention to a mailing or be handed out in person to remind them about an upcoming event. 

With a wide array of products, DFS can help print businesses and resellers take advantage of full-color printing to entice and engage customers. From business cards and banners to postcards and stickers, by partnering with DFS you have access to industry experts who can help with everything from design through fulfillment, providing start-to-finish assistance.

#2: Promotional Products

Companies of all sizes can use promotional products as event support for better event marketing. Useful for generating leads, building brand awareness, and staying top of mind after the event, promotional products offer the lowest cost per impression of any advertising medium, plus they provide name exposure that can last for months or years.

Promotional products come in many forms, and some of the top promo items for event support include pens, reusable bags, drinkware, and tech-items.

Pens – Offering practical functionality, promotional pens are highly useful and inexpensive. Carrying a marketing message, personalized pens typically generate over 3,000 impressions throughout their lifetime.

Drinkware – Great for hot or cold beverages at home or in the office, custom drinkware can offer nearly daily brand exposure. Popular drinkware options include mugs, sports bottles, and plastic cups. 

Reusable bags – Handy for various activities, from day-to-day errands to special events, reusable bags are another useful and functional promotional item. There are several kinds of reusable bags a company can choose from, including tote bags, cotton bags, non-woven bags, and drawstring bags that can all show your brand name, logo, or message.

With a large selection of stylish, affordable, and long-lasting promotional items and gifts, DFS can help resellers with popular promotional products that are ideal for event promotion and support. 

#3: Virtual Showroom

Virtual showrooms have the potential to be a robust asset for an efficient selling experience. Transforming the ways businesses can support their buyers, virtual showrooms can connect with prospects from the comfort of their homes. Unlike physical events, these virtual showrooms can stay on-demand and accessible 24/7.

One of the key benefits of a virtual showroom is its ability to provide prospective buyers with sales collateral and marketing materials in one place. This tool can allow sales teams to guide prospects through the buyer’s journey with customized or personalized content. Similarly to an in-person event, a virtual one could be split into different areas to best serve visitors. These areas may include:

Welcome – Greet attendees and give them an overview of the company in a welcome space.

Products – Introduce attendees to specific products in a product zone.

Videos – Use pre-recorded video content to add depth and engagement and build trust and rapport.

Contact – A contact area allows visitors to ask questions or schedule a virtual meeting.

The event landscape is expanding, with virtual trade shows poised to be as successful as in-person events. An interactive and immersive virtual showroom is an opportunity for businesses to create a centralized location where potential customers can investigate a company’s products and services at their own pace.

DFS offers print businesses and resellers a variety of sales support materials as well as digital sales tools to help you promote your business and close deals. Attractive printed sales support materials include product sell sheets, brochures, and other materials that can be ordered blank or personalized with your contact information, so customers can easily order from you. Digital sales tools include banners, ads, email templates, and more that can be easily personalized to help you move more products.

At DFS, we have supplied thousands of dealers with advice and solutions to manage and grow their businesses. DFS advisors help to solve problems, offer advice, and provide award-winning customer service and support. Visit the DFS virtual showroom experience to see the products that can support your business.

Key Takeaways

  • The key to a successful event is clear and cohesive messaging and communication.
  • Using event support assets such as full color print marketing materials and promotional products can help companies more effectively engage customers and prospects.
  • Full color print marketing materials, promotional items, and a virtual showroom are all key assets businesses can use for event support. 
  • DFS offers print businesses and resellers a variety of sales support materials as well as digital sales tools to help you promote your business and close deals.

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