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10 Selling Tips to Promote Your Print Business

promote your print business and magnify your marketing efforts| DFS

Learning to promote your print business, and helping your clients, go hand in hand. Print businesses can better serve their clients and deliver more value to them by understanding their pain points and offering products that can help them solve their problems or needs. Understanding their business objectives and then identifying what print and promotional products you could offer to help them achieve their goals help both you and your customers be more successful

Print businesses and resellers can set themselves up for even greater success by widening the variety of products and services they offer to their customers. One of the easiest ways to do this is by partnering with an outsourcing company like DFS. From full-color printing and promotional products to checks and forms, DFS advisors can provide the knowledge needed to:

  • Promote your print business.
  • Expand into new product lines.
  • Fulfill any customer needs.
  • Help you to see more growth for your business.

How do I get more print clients?

To grow your print or resell business, you have to be innovative. Attract new print clients while retaining current clients by adding new products, offering a greater variety, and providing more options. By expanding your range of products, you can help your business stay top of mind with customers, leading to greater business growth. 

Tip #1: Use a Variety of Sales Materials to Promote Your Print Business

Use attractive printed sales support materials to close deals. DFS offers product sell sheets, full-color catalogs, product digests, brochures, sell sheets and more. These sales materials can be ordered blank or personalized with your contact information, so customers can easily order from you. DFS can also help you with sales kits, feature product information, samples, and sales tips to help you move more products.

Tip #2: Extend a Discount as an Incentive on New Orders 

Discounting is a good strategy for both new and returning clients. In particular, a first-time discount is an excellent way to secure new business and sell more to your existing customers. To help with this, DFS regularly offers promotional deals you can pass on to your customers or keep to boost your bottom line instantly. 

Tip #3: Set Up Your Personalized Storefront in Minutes

A personalized storefront is a simple way to boost sales. Not only is a storefront often the first part of your brand that customers interact with, but it is an opportunity to showcase your capabilities and build trust and credibility with clients. With DFS, you can be up and running and ready to sell online in minutes.

Tip #4: Promotional Products Can Keep Your Message in Front of Customers

Help build name recognition, stay top of mind with current customers, and continually attract new ones by putting your name on promotional products. Promotional items are a proven way to boost business awareness and sales on a small budget. Imprinting your name on popular promotional products that your customers will use every day gives excellent exposure to your brand. DFS offers many stylish, affordable, and long-lasting promotional items and gifts

Tip #5: Increase Sales by Offering a Companion Product With Every Order

Suggesting or recommending a complementary product to a customer during a sale, or encouraging customers to purchase a higher number of products, is a valuable way to increase sales. When selling a check or form, always ask if they would like the companion envelope or recommend deposit tickets with all check sales. Generally referred to as upselling or cross-selling, this selling tip should focus on offering clients additional items that can solve a problem for them or provide a benefit. 

Tip #6: Don’t Forget About Custom and Full-Color Printing

Every customer touch point is a perfect opportunity to build your brand. Eye-popping, full-color products help grab attention and win business. Whether it’s a postcard, brochure, flyer or a check or form adding color will help make your business memorable. 

Every one of your business customers needs to market themselves. Help customers grab attention and win business with a wide variety of eye-popping, full-color products. Offer to help them develop a full-color postcard, a brochure, or a flyer. Add value to your customers’ forms and checks by adding full color and information specific to their businesses. Plus, you can have incredible savings on full-color, checks, forms, and much more when you partner with DFS in our Perks Program.

Tip #7: Digital Marketing Tools

Market your print business with professional digital marketing tools. DFS offers free ready-to-go banner ads, email templates, videos, and sales tools.

Tip #8: Seasonal Selling

The holidays always come sooner than you think, so don’t wait until the 4th quarter to begin seasonal selling efforts. Start promoting cards in the summer to warm up 4th quarter profits. The winter holidays aren’t only seasonal selling opportunities either. Think about the factors that affect sales and demand throughout the year like seasonal changes, holidays, and events, for example, promoting tax forms in the fall and early winter. 

Tip #9: The DFS Full Line Catalog

Get the catalogs into the hands of your customers and prospects, and let them be your best sales rep. The DFS full line catalog presents a full range of products your clients use every day. You can even add your logo, contact information, and more to blank DFS catalogs and flyers. Add the catalogs to your website, emails, and marketing materials. 

Tip #10: Make Our Staff Your Staff

Talk to your experienced sales representative. Their product knowledge can help you find just the right solution for your marketing needs. You’ll want to make sure all of your employees are familiar with DFS programs and promotions. When you’re out of the office, having an employee who knows DFS can make the difference between gaining or losing a sale.

DFS offers the products and supplies you need to manage and promote your operation easily and effectively. Partnering with DFS allows you to add a wider variety of print jobs to your product line and many free marketing tools to help you stay top of mind with customers and enable your business to grow faster. Contact us today to be matched with a DFS business advisor.

Key Takeaways

  • Print businesses and resellers can set themselves up for even greater success by widening the variety of products and services they offer to their customers.
  • Use various printed sales support materials to promote your business and close deals.
  • DFS offers the products and supplies they need to manage and promote your operation more easily and effectively, DFS advisors can provide the knowledge needed to promote your print business and expand into new product lines.

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